Looking For Asthmatics Who Have Had a Cold in the Last 14 Months

Do you or someone you know have asthma and had a cold in the past 14 months? The Clinical Research Center in West St. Louis County is evaluating an investigational anti-viral medication to treat the common cold. Find out if you qualify for this study and check out any...

You May Qualify For Our Fall Allergy Study

Cooler nights and warm days trigger some fall allergies to release pollen. Ragweed, mold and even dust mites can trigger allergy symptoms in some people this time of the year.  If you are currently experiencing allergy symptoms, give Clinical Research Center a call at...

COPD, Asthma and Allergy Research

Do you suffer from COPD, asthma and/or allergies? The Clinical Research Center has year round research study opportunities for you! Find out about our current ongoing studies today and sign up for our email list!

CRC Is Conducting A Migraine Study

Do You Suffer from Migraines? The Clinical Research Center is conducting a migraine research study so if you suffer from 2 or more migraines per month, call us today at 314-514-8509.

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Be sure to check out our latest newsletter on migraines and chronic hives. Be sure to sign up for the newsletters here and look over our current studies! Call us at 314-514-8509 to see if you qualify for a study. 

CRC Is Recruiting For A Migraine Study

The Clinical Research Center is enrolling for an investigational migraine research study. Please call if you have more than 2 migraines per month but no more than 8 per month (in the last 6 months) and are between the ages of 18-65. Compensation for participation....