Have these medications been tested before?
Many of our clinical trials are phase II thru IV. This means that these medications have gone through early human testing. Some of the clinical trials we conduct are for medications that have already been approved by the FDA. Not all clinical trials are for medications, some are for devices which may better help the respiratory population use their medication.

Do I have to stop taking my asthma medications?
No. All of the asthma trials allow the asthmatic to continue their rescue medication and encourage its use at any time. In some trials maintenance medications may not be allowed, but, not always. We are currently conducting several trials that require asthmatics to be on maintenance medications and continue their use through the trial.

What if I want to stop the study?
Your participation is voluntary and you may choose not to participate at any time. There will be no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

What are the benefits?
There are several benefits in participating in a clinical trial. You are part of a process that is essential in the development of medications. All medications must go through this process to become FDA approved. You have an opportunity to try medications to help your disease years before they become available on the market. You can also receive study related medication study related testing and asthma/allergy education all at no cost. Compensation for your time is also provided.

How long are the studies?
Each study has different requirements. Some of our studies are long term studies which can last several months or even years. Others are very short, ranging from 2 weeks to 14 weeks.